How to Choose the Best Floors for Your Home

The very first time we set feet in Edgewood Hall, we knew the floors would want some serious work. (Mismatched woods, a concrete slab in the porch-turned-sunroom. Stay true to the historical era, protect the room-to-room circulation, and do not break your budget!

1. Aria Rock Gallery Onyx in Green

The sunroom had a need to feel more formal but also take some wear, so in went honed black-and-white marble with accent tiles trim from an individual 12 x 12 little bit of this inexperienced onyx. The refined onyx makes the off-the-rack marble seem to be more special, and we love how it pulls in the colour of the foliage outside the house.

2 and 3. Eldorado Rock Viabrick in Cortona and Ms International Slate Tile in Montauk Black

We’re adding antique-style brick stairways with a dark slate stair cover beyond your sunroom. Despite the fact that these materials are new, they’ll appear to be area of the original house.

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4. Stanton Plaza Carpet in Fall Gold

For any office, we’re choosing a wall-to-wall sisal. I really like it split with an Oriental carpet at the top.

5. Miniwax Wood Carry out in Jacobean and Walnut

We blended two spots for a cover from the sun that seamlessly mixes the old and new hardwoods. I believe a dark floor seems abundant. People use lighter timber because they think it generally does not show dirt and grime, but if you ask me, it just appears like new construction. When your floor surfaces get scuffed? That’s called living!

6. Imaginative Tile Polished Marble in Ming Green

We chosen onyx instead, but plenty of individuals suggested this celadon rock for the sunroom.